BirdLife Austria is using tracker dogs to help protect Raptors

The main cause of death for raptors in Central Europe is illegal persecution from humans. Even species which are endangered and strictly protected, such as the Imperial Eagle, are regularly shot or poisoned. In addition to the international PannonEagle LIFE Project, Birdlife Austria is financing the education of two Nature Conservation Dogs to train them to become tracker dogs for the search for animal corpses and poisonous baits.

Crime scene Großinzersdorf (Lower Austria) – more than 15 animals clearly poisoned, BirdLife Austria demands consequences

No end to the series of illegal raptor persecution around Großinzersdorf near Zistersdorf (Lower Austria). On the contrary, new poisoning cases claim the lives of one White-tailed Eagle, three Red Kites, and six Common Buzzards, as well as a yet unconfirmed number of foxes and martens.

After only a few dead birds had initially been discovered, intensive searching by members of the bird conservation organisation BirdLife Austria and a specially-trained team of sniffer dogs uncovered the full extent of the case.