Expected results:

  • The Pannonian breeding population of eastern imperial eagles will increase by >10% during the project period and reach >250 breeding pairs by 2021.
  • The number of imperial eagles and saker falcon deaths due to persecution decreased during the project period and the annual number of affected specimens will be <5 in average of the last years of the project. The annual mortality rate of breeding imperial eagles will be less than 12% by the end of the project.
  • The average breeding success of imperial eagles will be above 1 fledgling per breeding pair during the project period, which will serve the needed recruitment for the future increase of the population.
  • Imperial eagles and saker falcons found injured, but alive in persecution incidents will be rehabilitated with >30% success rate during the project period (including ≥5 rehabilitated specimens).
  • Serious judgments will be imposed and advertised in at least three of the bird crime investigations during the project.
  • The project will appear in >1000 media reports, which will reach the public audience by >10million occasions. The project website and social pages will have >1 million visitors.
  • The Eagle Centre will be visited personally by >500 people belonging to the specified stakeholder groups. This vast appearance of the project will result in a significantly increased stakeholder and public awareness on the status of imperial eagles, on the conservational consequences of persecution incidents and on the importance of Natura 2000 network.

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