Dead Red Kite in the Eferding district shown to have been poisoned with pesticide carbuforan

In early May, wild animals were attacked with poison in Stroheim (Eferding district, Upper Austria). A number of poisoned rabbits’ heads and poisoned chicken eggs were positioned at the edge of a gravel pit. One Red Kite died. The investigation’s result now shows that the pesticide carbuforan was used.

Poisoned White-tailed Eagle near Sanad saved and released

Wed, 12/04/2017

Poisoning of raptors in Serbia is not halted! The newest proof for that is the most recent case which has ended positively thanks to prompt reaction of conservationists of PannonEagle project and volunteers. Exhausted adult White-tailed Eagle was found near Sanad (in north Banat) early in the morning on 6 April by local hunting ground manager Ljubiša Oluški. The bird was located in the field, showing visible symptoms of poisoning.