Another Red Kite found dead in the Czech Republic

Even the national quarantine in the whole Czech Republic because of spreading of coronavirus did not stop poachers from killing. This year, CSO already recorded 6 cases of poisoned Red Kites. It is already more than in the whole year 2019, when ornithologists recorded 4 cases. “Killed Red Kites appear throughout the whole Czech Republic. At the beginning of March, 1 was found in the Kolín region, then 3 in the Břeclav region, 1 in the Klatovy region, and the last one in the Jičín region last week," said the dog handler Klára Hlubocká. All cadavers have been taken over by the police who currently works on investigating cases.

This year the police has taken over 14 cases of dead animals from CSO so far. Last year it was 24 cases that the police took over from CSO.