A young Eastern Imperial Eagle dies of lead poisoning in Serbia


A young Eastern Imperial Eagle that was found exhausted on December 30, 2020, in the area of ​​the village of Prigrevica near Apatin, died a few days later in the shelter for wild animals of the "Palić" Zoo. The Bird Protcetion and Study Society of Serbia announced that the laboratory analysis determined that the cause of death was lead poisoning.

Results of the 4th Pannonian Eagle Census


In January, 2021, the 18th Hungarian Eagle Census was organized by MME/Birdlife Hungary in collaboration with National Park Directorates and NGOs.  In order to present the “Map of Eagles” wintering in the Carpathian Basin, several partner organizations and experts joined the event from the neighbouring countries for the fourth time, all in the scope of the EU’s PannonEagle LIFE programme.

Rescued eagle celebrates his 3rd birthday with an offspring


Although we deal with Imperial eagles on a daily basis, in most cases we wouldn’t be able to share much more information about ringed birds than their place of birth and - thanks to a few observations - the territory of their choice.

There are special individuals however, whose life history is unconventional, so they definitely deserve a more detailed introduction.