Czech Imperial eagles in 2018

23. 9. 2018

This year’s breeding season of Imperial eagles looked promising at its beginning. In total, birds occupied eight territories, all in southern Moravia. Sadly, only two pairs were successful and raised four chicks (two chicks each). In July, two young eagles got backpacks equipped with hi-tech GPS-GSM loggers.

22 years and 24 offspring – one of the oldest known Eastern Imperial Eagles in Hungary died

On December 12th, 2017 MME/Birdlife received a report from a citizen regarding an Eastern Imperial Eagle run over by a car in the Mátraalja. A ranger from the Bükk National Park collected the body of the adult eagle. The bird was a female, weighing four kilograms and having a wingspan of two metres. MME’s experts took DNA samples and transferred her to the National Animal Health Institute.