Familiar tagged eagle was seen on a raptor feeding site


We have reported about the release of two Imperial Eagles back to the wild in early November, 2019. Thanks to their satellite tags we know that they have remained in the same area, close to their release site in the Jászság.

The observed tagged bird (Photo: Beáta Török)

Although, we are able to follow them virtually due to their satellite tags, a personal encounter with a tagged eagle is always considered as a blessed event. The younger of the two was photographed at a raptor feeding site in the Jászság.

The primary aim of such supplementary feeding sites formerly was to keep the strictly protected eagle species concentrated, preventing them from getting poisoned, electrocuted, shot or run over while on migration. Today, as eagle populations have strengthened, the importance of such feeding sites have reduced, however, such sites offer good opportunities to photograph and watch these otherwise shy creatures from up close. Due to the fast improvement of digital photography more and more ringed individuals can be identified which greatly helps their research providing invaluable data about their migration habits and survival rate.

It is important to emphasise that winter feeding of raptors requires permits and several nature conservation, animal health and animal welfare rules must be met in order to avoid causing harm to the species visiting. Therefore, no one should try their feeding without obtaining the required permits!